Today is the homie rich iyala’s born day, the San Francisco emcee who’s been delivering us amazing tunes for the past few years now. rich has crafted a sound that’s unlike any we’ve heard before, embodying funk, carribean influences and boom bap while infusing heavy instrumentation and a Bay-centric dose of slap that’s nothing short of amazing. From records like “Race Relations” to his most recent, “Girbauds”, rich’s got something for everyone.

As a part of his new “As&Bs Campaign”, rich delivers two new tracks today – “postmates”, a clever play on everyone’s favorite delivery service as iyala croons ‘she says it’s on the way’ over a rustling instrumental brought to you by Mars Today. The b-side track, “venetian” features some of iyala’s introspective pen game as he skates over FSK production, reflecting on his younger days mobbin down Mission and goin dumb in traffic. Check out rich’s performance of “Debbie Quest” for our series ‘For The Record’ alongside Mars Today, below and stay tuned for more A-side/B-side release.

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