If you haven’t heard already, Puerto Rico is completely without power after Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria both struck the island. Power is not the only resource lacking, as drinkable water, shelter and many other basic human necessities are unavailable to the roughly 3 million people on the island. As though there weren’t enough tragedy in the world, a devastating magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit the people of Mexico, as Mexico City was affected on the very anniversary of the 1985 earthquake. There are roughly 360 victims and counting, not to mention the affected homes and businesses in the city. Therefore, we need your help.

Help out those in need while entering to win a package of merch/art from us at YK!

For every $5 sent in, you get one entry ~ we’ll be announcing the winner next week!

The money will be donated to UNIDOS Relief Fund – all the artists tagged in our Instagram post will be pitching in a print or merch to the raffle prize as well! ????

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