Daly City native Rudy Kalma comes fresh off the release of his project Labor of Love to unveil visuals for his track “Pizza Man”. The track is an account of the everyday creative that’s on the pursuit of success – addressing what it’s like to work a job you don’t want while balancing life & simultaneously trying to find the time for creative endeavors. Directed by YK’s own Kris Contreras, the video takes brings Rudy’s “Pizza Man” reality to life. We got the chance to catch up with Rudy about his new project, check out what he had to say about Labor of Love below.

Labor of Love is a loaded title for a project that I think a lot of people can identify with. I have to imagine that a lot went into the project & you can hear that with how cohesive it is – take me through where you were during the process.

Substance wise, Labor of Love centers around my own personal conflicts and navigating through that. Now I am going to try to address more societal issues and what’s going on with the communities I am a part of.

Can you breakdown the interlude “Lullaby” for us?

The “Lullaby” joint is actually a lullaby my mom used to sing to me. We came to America in the year of 2000 to reunite with my father, who had been already been working towards bringing us over. So that’s why I placed it before California Genesis. The translation to Lullaby is “We are going to America // Your sister is going // Your mom is going // We are going to America”.

One of my favorite tracks is “California Genesis”, it’s rides smooth but also tells the story of your upbringing well. What was your favorite track to write?

My favorite track to write is probably Pizza Man because it was one of the fastest ones I completed, makes sense for it to be the only single from the project as well. I pretty much developed the song while working my night shifts, looping beats for the project and this beat in particular for hours. Fun fact: I mixed and mastered the entire project haha, so I had a lot of control and each track is really engrained in me. Writing and executing the song wasn’t the only challenge. The mixing aspect was definitely the most stressful part because I needed to make sure the energy of each track carried itself until the next one started.

What can we expect from you in 2018 & beyond?

For 2018, you will see me doing more experimental work in terms of production. I am going to be working more “in-house” with the producers of Rogue Wav Colectiv (the squad).

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