Brace yourselves. I realized a week into August that I hadn’t posted up the picks of the month – to be honest I was soaking in the barrage of great releases that were strewing out and September hasn’t let up with drop after drop of constant flame emojis on deck. Therefore, to avoid letting anyone down (mostly myself) I combined August and September in one post. There’ll be less breakdowns for each track, as there’s a whole hell of a lot to take in. Also, around this time of year it’s crazy to just look at a calendar and see how much of the year has gone by thus far, ain’t it? Without further adieu, here’s some of my favorites from this September and August ’17. If you’ve been struggling to keep up with music as of late – this post is for you.

Cosmo Pyke’s debut EP Just Cosmo was spearheaded by the amazing track “Chronic Sunshine” – which had an equally amazing video to accompany it. With “Afterschool Club” landing in our February Picks of the Month, there should be no reason why you’re not peeping this guy if you haven’t already. Just Cosmo is but a 5 track foray into the sounds of the British teenage sensation that’ll leave you wanting more, the outro “Great Dane” is a nostalgic bit from Cosmo that leaves lines imprinted in your head well after the first listen.

Brock Hampton has the artistic vision and consistency with their branding that damn near everyone should have. Easily one of the most creative collectives to emerge in some time, they’re coming off the release of Saturation 2 and their video for “Sweet” is a personal standout for me.

If you know me personally, you know I’ve been waiting on this man’s follow up to 6 Feet Beneath the Moon eagerly. His album under his government name, A New Place 2 Drown was an emotional, murky soundscape that showcased his amazing production style but it’s the crooning, guitar playing King Krule that many have been awaiting. Try not to have this one on repeat, I dare you.

Bruh. Kali Uchis is perfection, it shouldn’t be legal for someone that perfect to exist. “Nuestro Planeta” feels like that moment when you first saw Shakira’s “La Tortura” video – Kali dominating the screen while owning her sexuality and delivering a smash hit for Latin American audiences and her American fans alike. Can’t wait for that album.

What more can be said about this man’s angelic voice? I found out about him through his BADBADNOTGOOD collaboration “Paradise” not too long before “Get You” dropped – so for me it’s been a good time indulging in his previous release and then in the same year getting the album! Daniel’s album doesn’t disappoint – below check him out backing up Chance the Rapper who debuted a new song on Stephen Colbert last night.

Jorja Smith aptly entitled this track, because after first listen you won’t be able to get it out of your mind. Jorja’s been on quite a run, it seems like everything she touches turns to gold – he gets even more brownie points for including the boys from Kurupt FM in the video for a cameo (MC Grindah is really the GOAT).

Princess Nokia re-released her breakthrough tape 1992 by accompanying it with this short film. Nokia’s music aims to empower women of color like her, and this film only furthers that message – affirmations from the New York emcee lead up to an incredibly hard track. “Flava” is a bonus that wasn’t found on the original release, go listen  to the whole release now for even more new tracks from her.

It’s been six years since Fish Ride Bicycles, the major label debut album from the originators of the fly shit (for this generation) The Cool Kids. At the time, even that release was delayed after the group found early success with The Bake Sale, and later the two went on to do their own solo projects after frustration surrounding the release of Fish Ride Bicycles. But now, Mikey and Chuck are back. Understand that half of this shit wouldn’t exist without The Cool Kids – do your research if you don’t know.

You never complain about new NAO. Her debut album For All We Know was sensational, and she rode high off the single “Bad Blood”, but it’s about time we got some more tunes from the U.K. songstress. “Nostalgia” picks up right where the album left off, channeling some electronic influence and funk sonics in the production.

Rayana Jay should be the most talked about artist coming out of the Bay Area. She’s now 3 for 3 with amazing releases, dropping her follow up to Sorry About Last Night earlier this month. While SALN produced some retrospective and sultry tunes, it almost seems like Morning After is the story of how Rayana Jay got her groove back. Morning After explores more uptempo sonics and features familiar faces in Mikos Da Gawd, Elujay, Drew Banga and more on the production tip.

Per usual, we’ve provided a Soundcloud playlist of our Picks of the Month – and since we catted off on August, there’s an assortment of jams on here for you.


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