It's been a while since our last guest mix, but it's only right to return with something special - a mix from Bay Area native producer Noireaga Yves. Yves is someone who we've followed for a while now, previously releasing music under the moniker Vercetti Lake, (his project Nautica is still such an amazing listen) and has garnered an intriguing sound over the years.  Noireaga's sound as a producer is an evocation of the chills that creep across your spine on a night walk, walking a tight balance between dark and scintillating - and on this mix he brings that same energy, navigating a warped soundscape where he includes his own flips of tracks from Kilo Kish, DUCKWRTH, and premieres a remix of Yared Kiflai's "7:30"Photos/Cover Art by Veeejzilla 

I’ve seen you periodically credit Shlohmo for inspiration, when you hear of folks like Blu being inspired to rap after hearing "I Used to Love H.E.R." there's always that moment where it clicked for them. Was there a specific moment after hearing a Shlohmo track? Tell us about when you picked up production.

Definitely. The first time I listened to “It Was Whatever” from Shlohmo’s Bad Vibes album in 2011. Never heard much like it before. It opened my eyes to a whole new sound, a whole new genre. I could credit the whole album as being a huge factor in the growth of my sound, but that song definitely started it off for me. I even had to buy the five year Bad Vibes anniversary vinyl, it was only right. I started to get into production around 2007 when I was in ninth grade. One of my close friends and I at the time were supposed to start a group with me being the producer and him being the rapper. It never really happened but that was when I started using FL studios and getting into learning how all of this works. I didn’t stick with FL for to long though. A couple years later I started to use Reason and I still use it to this day. 


You've done work with a number of Bay Area artists from Clyde Shankle to Moe Green - now you're in San Diego. What has that transition been like for you and how has it affected you creatively?

 I just moved back to the Bay Area recently but the past five years living in San Diego was bittersweet. On the positive side, with my heart still being in the Bay, I got a chance to look at the Bay in the perspective of more of a tourist. What I mean by that is I didn’t try to get any type of influence from the Bay when I was gone. I just tried to stay isolated, that way hopefully when I came back to the bay I could bring a different sound with me. The negative side to the story was just the bad side of that, isolation. I missed my friends and family. It took me a minute to find any type of music scene out in San Diego, and also me being very anti social didn’t help at all. I definitely benefitted from that time being away from the Bay. Now I’m back to continue where I left off five years ago, just with a different alias. 

When I first came across your work a few years back, you went by Vercetti Lake - and released a number of projects under that name. What went into the name change? 

The name change came from a year long battle with myself in 2015. Going through a lot of things like battling depression, traveling overseas and just going through many changes in life. During that time I went from Vercetti Lake to Yves, Yves to Noir Yves, and then finally sticking to Noireaga Yves. I think I still have some tracks with Clyde and Moe under the name Noir Yves. The story behind the name change started with a song I had back in 2012 named “Yvenings”. I always liked that name and wanted to change it to that, but I just ended up shortening it to Yves. I shortly put the “Noir” in front of Yves, for the sole purpose of sticking out. I knew that when googling or searching just the word “Yves”, that would be very hard. I chose Noir because it means black in french and it goes well since Yves is a popularly used name in France. So the way I saw it, Noir Yves translated to Black Evenings. The transformation from Noir to Noireaga came from the rapper Noreaga or N.O.R.E.  

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In the mix you included your flip of DUCKWRTH's "Beach House" and Yared Kiflai's "7:30" - are there any artists you're working with right now that you're excited about and what goes into the decision to flip certain tracks?

I’m actually working with a few people right now. A EP with one of my childhood friends Maroon and an EP with my girlfriend jas de juice. Moe Green and I have also been exchanging ideas back and forth earlier this year about doing a little project together. I’m pretty excited about those because all three of them are different in style so it gives me a chance to learn and grow a lot as a producer. Honestly when it comes to flipping a track i just need to listen to like the first ten seconds of it. If its melodic enough, open, and doesn’t have a drum pattern then I’m good to go.  

That speech in the mix where there's a girl talking and saying "im trynna give the formulas to life" is hella intriguing because of the way it just feels like a conversation spliced into the production. Lowkey reminds me of some Her Favorite Colour style sampling - whats the story with that?

Yea so that part is from a conversation I was having with my girlfriend, jas de juice, one night. I recorded the audio on my iphone. By the conversation we were having, I knew something good was going to be said so i recorded her and put it at the end of the track. The actual track is on her soundcloud page. It was a remix I did to one of her songs called "Faded". Thought it would be a nice addition to throw that on the ending of the song.


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