They say that the sequel is never as good as the first, and while that's usually the case ya'll made Live at the Exchange 2 a great time. It was amazing seeing folks pouring in the door with prints, tees and zines in hand ready to trade, not to mention that it was all for a good cause. We wanted to once again thank all the artists and merchants involved for being willing to engage in an idea that's centered around the idea of bartering. Removing price tags from art and exchanging it almost elevates the worth of said work in my opinion, like that good ole saying that "there's some things money can't buy". I hope that if you came out, you got to exchange something, make a new friend, find a new favorite artist or get exposed to something you never thought you would - we saw a bunch of faces old and new, young and old & helped really remind us of why we do this. Thanks to Massive for helping us bring folks together and believing in the idea, shoutout to all the talented live artists who rocked the mannequins during the show and the young legend Andre Elliott's amazing installation piece - till the next Exchange!

Photos by Amina El Kabbany. Recap footage shot by Jalia NB, Jess Tse, Amina & Jenny Sokolova.


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