About a week or so before our first Revolve show, in late 2014 we took a trip to Point Reyes with the homies. With the sun beaming down on us and the road leading to the lighthouse closed, we figured we’d walk the rest of the way there – and after about an hour or so of walking I began to get tired (I had a backpack full of water bottles for everyone). I was damn near ready to take a break, but carried on anyways in hopes of getting there faster. Not even 5 minutes later, with my back turned to the coast, a rogue wave swept all of us off our feet and carried us into the water. A humbling experience to be sure, as one second I’m walking perfectly fine and the next I’m being dragged into the ocean while upside down and face down in some sand. Don’t ask how it happened, but if you’re really inclined to – ask Amir, the only one who went unscathed in this debacle (photos by Amir Aziz).




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