When the Tropicalia lineup popped up on my TL last year, I couldn’t believe a lineup so perfect could be real. I’m normally one who avoids large crowds and festivals, but this time I couldn’t resist. The eclecticism and variety of the lineup enticed me too much – and so in November I headed down to Long Beach with Carina to indulge in the taco and music festival and see if the hype was real. I saw some folks online afterwards slandering the festival, but I personally had a great experience – which I attribute to learning from bad experiences at previous festivals. We arrived early, knowing that the tacos would be gone early (cmon bruh all you can eat tacos? you didn’t think that shit was gonna disappear with a quickness?), and throughout the day caught the legendary Sonora Dinamita, Las Cafeteras, Jorja Smith, King Krule and many others. My favorite performance of the day was easily Yellow Days, who was fresh off the release of his album Is Everything Okay in Your World? (one of my favorite records of 2017) and was one of those folks who sounds true to how his records do – the mark of an amazing artist in my opinion. My only complaint was that the lineup was too fire to be honest, making the decision of seeing King Krule or Smino was hard as hell, but ultimately Archy won out that decision after seeing XXYYXX spin a set (hadn’t heard from bruh in a few years if I’m being honest).

Tropicalia was an amazing space where legends and future legends alike took the stage, and amongst the crowd I saw mi gente getting down to cumbia with overpriced micheladas in hand. I also ran into the homie Sebastian who I hadn’t seen in a few years, and took a selfie – which if you know me personally, you know how rare that is. Can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for next year!

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