Live at the Exchange was my first foray into event organization. It was an idea I had that I spoke into fruition with Kev and Dora of Hella Massive at their Halloween edition of Dranks and Draws at Era Art Bar. They fucked with the kiiiid.

The idea came about as an interpretation of portfolio exchanges I participated in as a budding screen and relief printer in Imin Yeh's classes at SJSU - make a run of prints to exchange with everyone in class and come home with a portfolio of 24 different prints. Big shout out Imin!

More inspiration behind this event was to create an interactive space centered around art rather than an exhibition of an artist or their work - not to say artists can do without a spotlight on their name, but art should be accessible to anyone interested. Artists, creatives, and the curious were invited to bring their work or an item to exchange with one another, to engage, and to leave with a more fulfilling experience than one would examining art on a wall. 

To be honest, I got too faded for my own good and though I had some awesome conversations, I didn't get to meet as many folks as I wished. But on the flip, I had OG artists and  introverted creatives tell me throughout the night that this event helped them meet more people than they ever did at previous shows. They got to appreciate art direct from the source  potentially trade for it too. And that's what it was all about. Accessibility and building with our peers, IRL connections.

We had BBQ banh mi, dope sets by Yuri and Damo, live artists of varying mediums, a keg of Modelo, and Gross Mag help us tie it all together.

Thank you to everyone that came out to support, and we'll continue to exchange. Also wanted to send a special thank you to Ryan Abary for the recap video! Photos by the one and only Veeejzilla!


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