The perfect assembly of artists from all genres, carnival games, food choices, and miscellaneous activities, Tyler the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw proved itself to be a success for its fifth year at Exposition Park in Los Angeles.

I’m not an avid music festival attendee by any means, but I’ve been to about three others including Coachella, Outsidelands, and Soulquarius and I have to give credit to CFG for being one of the most organized events of this scale. I prepared to be pushed and shoved by Tyler and Frank Ocean parodies and minions through the front gates but it was actually quite pleasant. You could definitely tell this wasn’t their first go around.

I give props to Tyler and his team for executing such a dope experience. From all the Golf le Fleur backdrops and wood board cutouts for all your instagram needs, the Flog Gnaw themed carnival prizes and all the sketchy carnival rides they really delivered with the overall concept.

Like most festivals as of late, the culinary options were bomb. Roy Choi’s Kogi did not disappoint; the tacos were our go-to all weekend. Other options included tastes from Kelis, Chris Oh, Beer Belly, and Ramen Hood to mention a few.

As for the performances, there’s not much I can say to add to what you’re currently imagining looking at the line up. You just had to be there. Some notable personable favorites, though, were Jorah Smith, Solange, Domo, 2 Chainz, Brockhamption, and of course Tyler. Shit was wild.

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