Over the weekend, the Bay Area as a whole demonstrated our strong stance towards the policing of black bodies, as both Oakland and San Francisco shut down the freeway and the Bay Bridge as well, on consecutive nights. Below are some photos from the protest down Market Street in San Francisco, taken by Veeejzilla. Following a tremendously emotional week, where the police slayed both Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, an unidentified black man was found hanging from a tree in Atlanta, and then police officers were killed in Dallas. After the Dallas shooting, the media’s narrative surrounding protest and Black Lives Matter (of course) suddenly became very different, and the shooting of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling were swept under the rug by the All Lives Matter brigade. But you really have to question things, when the only person who’d be able to answer questions about the Dallas shooting is conveniently blown to smithereens – and the police initially tried to frame Mark Hughes, an innocent protestor for the crime (and have yet to take down their Tweet of him being a suspect) who has since been receiving death threats and has had to leave the state.

I for one don’t condone the murder of police officers, because also I don’t believe in the death penalty or believe it’s right to kill anyone for that matter. But don’t sit here and act appalled at the fact that people have no respect for the police and utter FTP on the regular, when the police haven’t done anything for them except unlawfully hunt them and utilize their power in a negative manner. Don’t sit here and tell me how we (people of color) should conduct ourselves when the killing of unarmed black men (yes, Alton Sterling was armed – but do you know why? and Philando Castile had a permit to conceal a weapon) has been documented on video and played on repeat across news cycles, as though to desensitize us to the trauma of their death. Or when a black man’s mug shot is used when he’s been killed by police versus a white dude who rapes someone and his swimming times are talked about. There’s so many angles to this story, and while I don’t have the answers, I know that if we come together we can create dialogue to try and make sense of this all – so I urge the Bay Area’s creative community to come out to Solespace tonight (thank you Rehab and Nook And Kranny for providing a space for this) for a candle lighting for Philando Castile and Alton Sterling and the many, many more that have lost their lives.

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