DUCKWRTH has long since been one of my favorite artists, in every sense of the word. It's easy to proclaim yourself as such these days, and it's dope to see that creativity is being celebrated more readily through social media platforms, but when it comes down to it there's not many I know that are as talented as Duck. He started out as a graphic designer going to school in SF, before becoming a musician and creating some of the amazing bodies of work like NOWHERE and DUCKTAPE that readers of YK should know well by now. This guy is literally always creating, everytime I see him he's channeling himself into something whether it be an illustration, sewing some new merch, or designing a magazine he hopes to one day launch, he does it all. Duck is so much of a one man team that it at times hinders him with all the different things he hopes to accomplish (I'm sure a lot of us can agree that we know what that's like) and one day I thought to myself, 'hey - why hasn't Duck been in an art show'? A few months later, REVOLVE came around and we got the chance to have him display work as a part of our first ever show, and he's definitely been getting the recognition he deserves for his graphic work over the last year, as he's been consistently creating some of the most visually stimulating images of all the people on the platform. Duck's style has always been marked by a playful usage of vivid colorways, and like his music typically has a strong message behind it which he cleverly works into self portraiture and character work.

Last week he shared work at Warehouse 416 in Oakland, and though I was out of town for the weekend, YK contributor Amir Aziz headed over to document a glimpse of the show for us. After speaking to a number of folks about the show, Duck previewed what's to come with his next musical project I'm Uugly, for which he released an amazing single "Well Spoken" recently. Here's to the expansion of Duck's capabilities and in anticipation of what's to come.

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